Solveig-with-MandyI have always been an artist. From a young age I sat and watched, observing life and people and myself. I was fascinated with the way one represents life to oneself in images and words. Both visual and auditory were my fascinations as a child. Lots of games, lots of creative play, lots of experimentation and writing and drawing.

As I grew up this just developed and expanded and by the time I went to the National Art School, after finishing High School, with a scholarship for a Painting and Sculpture Diploma, I was primed and ready for the wonderful and mind bending student life that I had for four years in East Sydney.

It was the total artist’s experience, deep in a bohemian burlesque and cabaret life engaging in colourful creative expression of every kind. At the peak of the psychedelic era with lecturers like Martin Sharpe, John Olsen, Ken Reinhardt, the elite artists of those times.

When I left college, when that wonderful, open ended, free and expressive, abundantly creative life came to a close, I moved on into partnering and childrearing and became, in time, the mother of three boys who grew through adolescence and into manhood while I stole moments to be creative and follow my artistic bent.

The taxation department called ‘Art’ a hobby so I did other, more responsible work, like becoming a psychologist  and hypnotherapist to survive and pay my way and raise my children and live in society with food and clothing and shelter.

All the way through those stolen moments added up to quite a body of work. A stream of creative expression that became my journey and those units of expression become more abundant as I had more time to give my creative process.

Since the year 2000 I have been able to commit to being the artist that I am and to practice my craft, develop my style and create the works that now fill my gallery. It is a joyful life I live being able to mirror my times and environment in a way I find inspiring and highly pleasurable.